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My name is Christina Summers and I am an independent councillor on Brighton & Hove City Council representing the people of Hollingdean & Stanmer ward.

It has long been my desire to encourage and enable you, as local people, to influence the management of your own area and your own city, and to somehow convince you that there are most definitely ways in which you can do this. As a city councillor I have a duty to listen to your concerns, facilitate solutions as far as possible and represent you in all kinds of ways within the council environment or in other appropriate contexts.

Irrespective of your own political leanings (or not) we can all agree that living is incredibly tough for many in our city at this time and it is so unhelpful to point the finger at any one cause or waste time fault-finding. The reasons are many and complicated, and solutions rarely as simple as people tend to assume mainly, I would say, because of a lack of understanding of the responsibilities of local government and the wider context in which it has to function. Party politicians don’t help with their unrelenting bickering as if any of us has the monopoly on good, honest governance. The media too shamelessly fans this all into flame and often chooses to publish that which undermines even the good that those in authority are doing.

I hope this website will, in some measure, help to open up the work of the council to you in a way that might sow some curiosity and even tempt you to engage in different ways. Feel free to see what is going on in the ward, find out what the council does and what the big issues are that are being wrestled with, when crucial public meetings are on for you to attend and even take part in, ask me a question or join me in the debating room. I will do my best to keep this all up-to-date (no small task!) and very much look forward to hearing from you or meeting you soon.

With very best wishes.

christina summers